Kit Details

Paddleboard and Surfboard Frame Kit Details

When considering how to purchase your Clearwood Paddleboards kit you have two options; frame kit and full kit. The frame kit option is you buy only the Clearwood Paddleboards CNC cut frame kit which comes to you ready to assemble (photo below) IMG_1838 and then buy the rest of the products needed to complete your board in your local area. The “frame kit” purchase option gets you the frame kit only. The frame kit is the internal framework for the shape you choose and is the starting point for your strip planked board building project. In addition to the frame kit you will need strip material, epoxy and fiberglass, fin box and fin and a vent and leash cup set.   We also offer full kit pricing based on a specific customer objectives.  The options are best determined by discussions with the customer/builder/paddler so if you would like to purchase a full kit please contact us for a quote.   All Clearwood Paddleboards frame kits come to you with the innovative Clearwood “rocker tab” system that allows you to build your board on a flat table rather than first needing to build what is called a “rocker table”.  Randy Bogardus, the shaper/designer/artist here at Clearwood thought that there must be a simpler way to establish the correct rocker profile when starting a hollow wood board building project and the rocker tab system has proven to be a quick and easy method to get an efficient and accurate start on your project. The Clearwood rocker tabs are built in to every CNC cut frame kit we ship and are simply trimmed off when you turn the board over to complete the bottom stripping. In the photo below you can see the rocker tabs projecting below the outline of the frame. IMG_2858