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What our customers are saying…

Clearwood - hollow wood surfboards and paddleboards

From Ben in Northland, New Zealand

100% positive experience dealing with Clearwood Paddleboards, very efficient response with so much in depth information. Not only do the responses deal with the concern in hand, you know you’re dealing with a master of his trade and so come away with a lot of confidence to move ahead on the project. You get an answer to concerns from a trusted source. And….Just launched the Cascade 14 tonight at our Thursday night race meet and absolutely dominated. Came in a full minute and a half in front of the next paddler, my mate who I’m usually close to but if I’m honest usually has the edge on me. So just letting you guys know I’m absolutely stoked, there was plenty of raving about how the Cascade 14 looked before the start but then to pull away during the race just “took the biscuit”! So good to make something and then race it and go well Thanks for everything you guys!

From Dave in Vancouver, Canada

I purchased a frame kit for a 14 foot Cascade paddle board from Randy at Clearwood Paddle Boards. I already own a carbon fibre race board, this wooden board is a project my 15 year old son asked me to build with him. I highly recommend the kit. The frame fits together like lego and sits true right away if your table is true. I was referred to Randy by a professional board builder and he also recommended the kit as it saves a ton of time. The last thing he told me was “listen to Randy, he knows what he is doing and he will help you stay out of trouble in the build.” I call Randy all the time on the phone and he talks with me until he is sure I understand what to do. My only regret in this process is I have not been able to meet Randy in person. I live in Vancouver Canada but when I get the chance I will travel down to Oregon and share some beers with Randy, maybe get out surfing for a day.

From Ryan in Ottawa, Canada

I purchased a Clearwood SUP build kit with a basic understanding of woodworking, and a dream of paddling my own crafted SUP. During the project, Randy’s technical support and at times moral support ensured that my build went smoothly and efficiently. In short, his support was invaluable. In the end, I now have a hand crafted SUP that is more beautiful than I imagined it would be, and I thoroughly enjoyed my building journey.

From Graeme in Auckland, New Zealand

I did a lot of research in to the various options and the Clearwood Paddleboards struck me as well designed products produced by a true enthusiast. As I was ordering from outside the U.S. I was a little concerned on the cost, time, and quality of what I was buying with little options for recourse should I not receive what I was expecting. I’m very pleased to say that the delivery was fast, very well packaged, and the quality of the fishbone framework was very high. Randy’s system of setting the rocker makes the set up fast and accurate, a great feature. Additionally, Randy has been fantastic with answering all my questions and his build manual is both through and easy to understand. I’d definitely recommend purchasing from Clearwood Paddleboards.