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Welcome, and thanks for checking out Clearwood Paddleboards website!  Clearwood Paddleboards specializes in hollow wood SUP and surfboard kits and full kits for strip planked construction.  Our kits are available both as “fishbone” frameworks which can be shipped world wide, as “full kits” (full kits are not available to international customers due to shipping restrictions on some of the products) which we quote per individual customer or as full size templates that are sent to you as a pdf which you can print in you local area. 

We are available via email or phone unless we are out paddling something!

Best Regards,
Randy Bogardus
Artist, Shaper and Woodworker

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Our Boards

Our lineup of hollow wooden paddleboard kits has been inspired by our commitment to create boards that perform as great as they look.
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woodworking tools to build paddleboards

Building 101

There are many choices that must be made in order to get your hollow wood board project started.
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 photo gallery of handmade wood paddleboards and wood paddles

Photo Gallery

Photos of our lineup of handmade wood paddleboards and wood paddles, in the shop and in the field.
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