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Clearwood Paddleboards

Hollow Wood SUP and Surfboard Kits

with outstanding technical support
This is not work, this is life!

Everything you need to get on the water

Clearwood Paddleboards specializes in hollow wood SUP and surfboard frameworks, full kits and downloadable templates for strip-planked construction

Our kits are available as “fishbone” frameworks which can be shipped worldwide and full kits (full kits can’t be shipped internationally) which we quote per individual buyer. We also offer full-scale templates which are sent you as a PDF and you print yourself.

Plus Outstanding Technical Support
Clearwood hollow wood surf SUP made from paulownia wood with inlaid contrasting wood
Live Your Passion

We will help you find and build the right board

Clearwood Paddleboards founder/owner Randy Bogardus is an artist, shaper and woodworker who lives his passions and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Randy does not charge for this time but he does get tired… 😉