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Hand shaped wooen SUP paddle

SUP paddle building PDF

Check out the SUP paddle building PDF for details on how to build your own SUP paddle out of wood. 111722 step by step paddle building Paddle building document #2 Building a SUP paddle can be one of the most rewarding parts of paddling your own hollow wooden paddleboard. The paddle gives you the drive and i…
Paulownia wood planks

Paulownia Tomentosa (Paulownia)

Paulownia Tomentosa (Paulownia) Paulownia lumber and milled strips! The planks are 27mm thick (1 1/16″ thick x 6″ wide  x 96″ long) The 27mm thickness is unique in the commercial paulownia market here in North America and is essential for maximizing yield with minimum waste. We ship material that is 96″ long w…
Ken Marvel with handmade paddleboard

Board Builder Story: Ken Marvel

Board Builder Story: Ken Marvel, Marvel Boards and Boats  Here’s a bit of Ken’s story in Ken’s words: “I began working with wood again in Sarasota first as a hobby to free my spirit of the stresses of a busy career in 2015.  Though I enjoyed immensely the process of restoring our 1957 Fleetform runabout, it w…
Rory Sheldon with handmade paddleboard

Board Builder Story: Rory Sheldon

Board Builder Story: Rory Sheldon Here’s a bit of Rory’s story: Rory was born in Monterey California and came from a military family that moved often. His coming of age years were spent on Kauai Hi where he learned to surf.  Rory’s dad and granddad were both woodworkers and he feels it’s in his genes. Rory is…
all around SUP designs

New “All Around” SUP designs

“All Around” SUP designs If you have been thinking about building a hollow wood SUP and like “All Around” shapes, our “all around” line up of SUP’s is ready to build! The Buddha “all around” comes in three sizes: 12’ 5” x 34” x 260 liters of volume (up to 280 pounds or 128kg), 11’ 5” x 32” x 226 liters of volu…
Clearwood V14 racing/touring standup paddleboard

“Dropped Deck” VLZ 14’ x 23” Prototype

VLZ 14’ x 23” and 27″ with recessed standing deck The recessed deck VLZ 14’ x 23” is a race board for those paddlers wanting the very fasted shape available in strip planked hollow wood construction. The 27″ wide is also a very fast touring version of this shape. This is a cutting edge design with a highly ref…
Paulownia plantation

Paulownia Wood

Paulownia Wood I sometimes feel a bit guilty about voicing the merits of paulownia wood for strip planking since Clearwood Paddleboards sells paulownia lumber and milled strips. But the fact is that paulownia wood is simply the very best material available if you want to build a light and strong hull. The weig…

“Surfboard Grade” paulownia planks

Surfboard Grade Paulownia Planks What is “surfboard grade” paulownia? Get a FREE sample of this product! Email your sample request and we’ll get it right out!! Surfboard grade paulownia is the currently available grade of clear, dry paulownia wood available from China. This is the grade I use for all of the …
Randy Bogardus riding his own handmade ocean surfboard SUP

Standup Paddleboard Building Tutorials

Standup Paddleboard Building Tutorials We don’t want summer to end too soon but we do want to plan for the inevitable change of the seasons. The fall season here in the Northern Hemisphere is when many woodworking enthusiasts are planning winter projects, and building a hollow wood SUP (standup paddleboard) or…
Paulownia plantation

Building a Lightweight Board

Building a Lightweight Board Building a lightweight hollow wood board of any style can be a challenge but, in the end, not that hard if you choose the “right” materials. The very best wood for building hollow wood boards is a species of wood called paulownia tomentosa. Pauownia t. has the perfect blend of weig…