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The Lineup

Interactive board building tutorials

Clearwood - hollow wood surfboards and paddleboards

Cutting Supplemental Gluing Strips

Tutorial: Cutting Supplemental Glue Strips

Safe and efficient cutting

Best option for safe and efficient cutting.

Supporting the workpiece

Difficult to support the workpiece being cut but with care this can be an inexpensive option.

Additional cutting option

Use extreme caution when trying this option!

With the correct blade and blade speed, this can be a good option if done with care.

Marking the rail

Marking the rail

Marking the rail using cut off ends of strips.


There are many ways to learn to safely use the tools and execute the processes necessary to build your hollow board. But the bottom line is this: Tools and the dust they create are dangerous. If you are a novice woodworker, educate yourself about tool safety and proper shop practices. Power tools are very unforgiving and trouble can happen quickly if you are not prepared and diligent in your approach to how you use these tools. Regarding the health consequences of breathing wood dust, take this issue seriously. Use good respirators with fresh, clean filters when cutting or sanding wood. This is also true for applying and sanding epoxy and other finish products. Uncured epoxy is toxic. Most of the ultra violet inhibiting finishes that go over the epoxy for the final finish are also toxic. Use the tools and materials at your own risk. Educate yourself and work smart and safe!