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I’ve been paddling my set of  Black Project standup paddleboard fins on my 12′ 6″ and 14′ flatwater hollow wood paddleboards for a couple of months now and have a pretty solid feel for the performance value this set of fins contributes to my paddling.  These are highly refined fins that address all the components necessary to provide uncompromising performance for those wanting to get the most out of their paddling whether racing or touring.  The super refined foil on these fins is based on the extensive experience of Black Project founder, Chris Freeman and his team riders who has been involved with windsurfing and paddleboarding for many years and have developed Black Project fins based on the need for speed and performance.  In my opinion, these fins leave nothing “on the table” when it comes to maximal performance.  The primary reason I have been attracted to Black Project fins has been to really get the most out of my hollow wood standup paddleboards and also, since I’m usually one of the more senior paddlers on the course I need all the help I can muster!  What I have found over the course of dozens of sessions is that the ease with which I can maintain my target strokes per side has improved and my strokes per mile have gone down by a few percentage points on average.   I find these fins to just feel smoother through the water with less visible tail turbulence than any fin I have previously used.  For crosswind/side chop conditions the R8 Series in the 28 size has provided a combination of speed, stability and control that is really easy to feel and provides major confidence in rough conditions.   All in all, these are great fins for touring or racing if you are looking for a seriously uncompromising fin. 


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