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The Umpqua, touring SUP

from $39.00

  • 12′-6″ board length
  • 27″ board Width
  • 6 ½” thick at the nose
  • Optimized for weight reduction
  • Highest quality marine plywood
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The Umpqua, touring SUP

Board Width

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Printable Plans, Frame Kit, Frame Kit + Milled Paulownia Strips (US ONLY), Builder's Bundle (US ONLY)

Are you ready to up your game?

Our wide range of shapes for hollow wood SUP ‘s and surfboards is unsurpassed in todays kit board market. These beautiful and functional shapes are designed for those wanting the next level of performance and elegance in a lightweight hollow wood SUP or surfboard. Our frames are optimized for weight reduction and are cut from the highest quality marine plywood available. 

The Umpqua stand up paddleboard, our first touring & racing SUP sized for a wide range of paddlers

Building our “Umpqua” stand up paddleboard using paulownia wood and salvaged redwood for features, this board can be built to an approximate finished weight of between 26 and 30 pounds making it comparable to foam and glass boards in terms of ease of carrying and handling. This is a fun and fast board that slices through small chop with ease and can be down winded in up to waist high bumps. The “Umpqua” is now available in 25″, 27”,  30”, 33″ and 34″  wide versions. Please contact us if you need more information about which board would be best for your paddling weight.

Full kits available. Full kits include everything you need to complete your hollow wood paddleboard. Contact us for pricing! (Full kits only available in continental US)

  •       Frame kit cut from 4mm okoume BS 1088 marine plywood
  •       Resin Research Epoxy/fiberglass kit
  •       Paulownia strips-enough to cover entire board. Strips measure 1/4″ x 1 3/4″ x 96″
  •       Vent, leash and grip set
  •       Fin box 
  •       Internal blocking

Umpqua Options

  • Printable plans for Clearwood Paddleboards include the PDF that has the full-scale templates for the board you’ve chosen, the assembly manual, and links to the tutorials. Printable plans are a good option if you live outside the United States and want to save on import tariffs. When you purchase printable plans from Clearwood Paddleboards you also get “anytime” technical support via phone or email if you have questions about the process. If you need assistance sourcing materials or need suggestions on any aspect of your build, we’re here to help make your project a success!Printable plans incude:
    • Umpqua Plans
    • Assembly Manual
    • Printing Instructions
  • Frame kits from Clearwood Paddelboards are CNC machined from high quality marine grade plywood. Our CNC cut frame kits make getting started with your build accurate and quick. We’ve taken the guesswork out of starting your project by creating a package with all parts organized and numbered for easy assembly. When you buy a Clearwood frame kit you also get the assembly manual and access to our video tutorials, plus, we are here to offer technical support anytime you have questions about the process. If you need help on sourcing materials or have ideas that you want input on, we’re here to offer support.The Frame Kit incudes:
    • Umpqua Frame Kit
    • Assembly Manual
  • Do you want to focus on building your board not sourcing the materials you will need. Randy has done all the work for you and created the Umpqua Builder Bundle as a complete kit! We’ve bundled the basic components you need to build a hollow wooden paddleboard or surfboard into a package that includes a 10% discount. If you have questions you can call or email us anytime for quick and insightful answers to your questions.The Builder Bundle incudes:
  • Clearwood Paddleboards values lightweight boards and sustainably grown wood. Our commitment to these principals means we are now offering our builders the following deal: if you buy any Clearwood frame kit and paulownia planks, we’ll mill the planks for you for FREE! This is a great deal to get you the best material available for building the lightest weight hollow wood board possible.Frame Kit and Milled Paulownia incudes: