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SUP Grip, Leash Plug and Vent Plug


This is an mechanical vent, an all-wood recessed grip and a wood leash cup with a 1/4″ stainless-steel retainment pin. The grip is all paulownia and the leash and vent plugs are machined for salvaged old-growth redwood. The machine screw has been center and side drilled for venting without full full machine screw removal.

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SUP Grip, Leash Plug and Vent Plug

SUP Grip, Leash Plug and Vent Plug

We offer a setup of SUP Grip, Leash Plug, and Vent Plug accessories that are ideal for creating a hollow wooden SUP with all wooden components (excluding the finbox). The grip, made from a block of paulownia wood, provides a sturdy and comfortable grip for your board. The vent and leash plugs are made from salvaged old-growth redwood, providing a unique aesthetic to your board.

The vent plug comes with a threaded brass insert pre-threaded into the wood plug. Upon receiving the vent plug and threaded brass insert, you will need to remove the threaded insert and reinstall it into the wood plug using thickened epoxy. The stainless steel leash pin is provided separately so that you can finish the inside of the leash plug before securing the pin with epoxy and installing the wood plug into your board. The machine screw that comes with the kit has been center and side drilled, eliminating the need to fully remove it for pressure release. It is recommended that internal blocking be installed in the proper location before completing the strip-planked skin to ensure proper installation of the vent plug and clear air passage.

The paulownia grip is shipped without a finish and is designed to be installed at the fore and aft balance points against the stringer. Before installing all the strips, the grip must be glued to the underside of the deck to provide a sturdy base.