“The Ripper” Knee Board


“The Ripper” is a hollow wood, strip planked knee board designed to be ridden in the surfzone.

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“The Ripper” Knee Board

“The Ripper” knee board is a high performance surf craft and another fun way to enjoy surfing, particularly on those days when paddling out on a SUP doesn’t look ideal. If you’ve ever surfed hollow waves and want a different perspective, this may be it! Besides providing a speedy platform for riding hollow waves, “The Ripper” is also a great way to get an excellent lower body workout, plus the fact that it’s just, plain fun!

“The Ripper” Knee Board

At 5′ 8″ long x 22 1/2″ wide and sporting a quad fin set up, this board is a modern version of a board type that goes back in time to the 1960’s and ’70’s. The kneeboards created by George Greenough in the 1960’s were instrumental in the evolution of surfing during the transition from longboards of the 1950’s to the shortboards of the 1970’s, and even though knee boarding in the United States isn’t as popular as it is in Australia and New Zealand, there is still an active group of hard core knee boarders in the United States out ripping it up in all kinds of surf conditions.

The building of “The Ripper” is exactly the same as the other Clearwood products. This is a hollow strip planked board with an internal framework covered with 1/4″ thick wood strips. When using paulownia wood for the strips, this board will weigh in at about 12 pounds. The internal framework is  cut from a five ply plywood that is .20″ thick. This internal framework plywood, although not a rated “marine grade” plywood, is made using waterproof glue and has no voids. The combination of a lightweight paulownia ply internal framework and lightweight paulownia strip planking creates a strong and lightweight board that will stand up to the hardest use you can give it. Like all boards with a fiberglass skin, hollow wood boards can be easily repaired if damaged.

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