Paulownia Lumber


Plank size is 1” x 6” x 96”

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Premium Paulownia Lumber 

We are now offering premium surfboard grade paulownia lumber. The plank size is 1  1/16″ x 6″ x 96″ and we can ship this material anywhere in the “lower 48” of the US, right to your door (sorry, no international orders). This is the wood that will create a light and strong board with beautiful grain and color. Paulownia is the perfect wood for building hollow boards. It machines well and sands great, and you will love the outcome when you use paulownia wood for your hollow board project. In addition to the beautiful color, paulownia wood is sustainably grown and weighs about 60% of the weight of red cedar.

This lumber/timber is premium material with a very low moisture content. It has been kiln dried to 12% or less, then stored in my woodshop until it ships out to you! If you’ve never used this species of wood, you are not alone. I have been a wood worker my entire adult life and I’d never heard of it until I got interested in building a light weight hollow wood SUP/paddleboard. This material is plantation grown on a sustainable basis in various locations around the planet. It’s native to southeastern China and that’s the area this material comes from. The reason I got involved in selling this product is because it’s not easy to find through regular commercial lumber suppliers.

One Plank – $119.99 shipping included

Two Planks – $137.49 shipping included

Three Planks – $179.99 shipping included

Four Planks – $222.49 shipping included

Five Planks– $264.99 shipping included

Six Planks – $307.49 shipping included


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