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all around SUP designs

“All Around” SUP designs

If you have been thinking about building a hollow wood SUP and like “All Around” shapes, our “all around” line up of SUP’s is ready to build! The Buddha “all around” comes in three sizes: 12’ 5” x 34” x 260 liters of volume (up to 280 pounds or 128kg), 11’ 5” x 32” x 226 liters of volume (up to 260 pounds or 120kg) and 11’ x 0” x 32” x 216 liters of volume (up to 210 pound or 95kg). These shapes are designed to accommodate a wide range of paddler sizes and skills and can be a great option for building a highly versatile board.

all around SUP designs

“All around” shapes are also an excellent option for bigger paddlers wanting to build a board that has plenty of buoyancy. If you are a bigger paddler and have been struggling to find a shape big enough to accommodate you, we have the board for you. 

The Buddha All Around SUP

Randy riding Clearwood ocean SUP at dramatic Oregon coast Randy riding Clearwood ocean SUP at dramatic Oregon coast

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