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Hand shaped wooen SUP paddle

SUP paddle building PDF

Check out the SUP paddle building PDF for details on how to build your own SUP paddle out of wood. 111722 step by step paddle building Paddle building document #2 Building a SUP paddle can be one of the most rewarding parts of paddling your own hollow wooden paddleboard. The paddle gives you the drive and i…
Paulownia plantation

Paulownia Wood

Paulownia Wood We continue to promote the use of paulownia wood for building strip planked SUP’s and other hulls being built using strip planked construction. I sometimes feel a bit guilty about voicing the merits of paulownia wood for strip planking in that Clearwood sells paulownia to many of our customers. …
Randy Bogardus riding his own handmade ocean surfboard SUP

Standup Paddleboard Building Tutorials

Standup Paddleboard Building Tutorials We don’t want summer to end too soon but we do want to plan for the inevitable change of the seasons. The fall season here in the Northern Hemisphere is when many woodworking enthusiasts are planning winter projects, and building a hollow wood SUP (standup paddleboard) or…
Tom Blake and Duke Kahanamoku vintage photo with paddleboard

Prone Paddleboard Background

Prone Paddleboard Background Paddlers that have been around the paddling and surfing sports for any length of time likely know prone paddleboard background and also know the basics of how various sports relate. Prone paddleboards are the very most basic paddle craft on the water. The element of simplicity, ver…
Clearwood P14 Prone Paddleboard in progress

Hollow Wood Prone Paddleboard Kit

Hollow Wood Prone Paddleboard Kit Coming Soon! We decided to go back to the roots of paddleboarding for this design. With the ongoing growth of all paddle sports, it isn’t surprising that prone paddle boarding has seen a resurgence. Many people involved with paddle sports paddle more than one type of craft, a…
Randy and friend on ocean surf SUPs

Surfing Culture and New SUP Surfers

Surfing Culture and New SUP Surfers Surfing and the culture that has evolved around surfing is unlike most other sports activities. The venues are coastal, which means that the sport is not available to those not within driving distance of the ocean. And then, not all ocean beaches produce waves that are good …
Randy Bogardus riding his own handmade ocean surfboard SUP

Choosing the Correct Board for the Surf Zone

Choosing the Correct Board for the Surf Zone Choosing the correct board for the surf zone or prone paddle surfing can be a daunting task for new surfers. In fact, with the huge range of choices, it can be a daunting task for any surfer. The range of conditions that we typically surf can be quite varied and it’…
correct paddle board for flat water paddling

Choosing the Correct Board for Flatwater Paddling

Choosing the Correct Board for Flatwater Paddling Whether you are planning to build a new board for the surf zone, flatwater, rough open water or for downwind runs, the correct board for your size is important to getting the most out of your new equipment.  3 Things to Consider Selecting a Board Body size…

Part of My Story

“The Beach House” part of the Story “The Beach House” The “The Beach House” was always a magical place for me and my brothers and nephews. On the windy dunes north of Lincoln City, Oregon, well before there were many houses, and near what is now Roads End State Park, we ran wild (outdoors where the grownups w…

Rogue 8′ 4″ Performance Surf SUP

Rogue 8′ 4″ Performance Surf SUP The Rogue 8′ 4″ performance surf sup has been an interesting adventure for me. My first surfs on it left me a bit confused about what I had just created. It took a number of sessions to figure out that the Rogue isn’t a longboard style ride! My experience with short boards i…
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