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17′ Unlimited Length Standup Paddleboard

17′ Unlimited  Length Standup Paddleboard         The 17′ Unlimited length SUP board by Clearwood is now ready for production after a year of designing, building and testing. We’ve been paddling the board in a wide range of conditions varying from glassy flatwater to wind chop, and in…

Standup Paddle Board Fins

Standup Paddleboard Fins I’ve been paddling my set of  Black Project standup paddleboard fins on my 12′ 6″ and 14′ flatwater hollow wood paddleboards for a couple of months now and have a pretty solid feel for the performance value this set of fins contributes to my paddling.  These are highly refined fins…

Standup Paddleboard Fin Selection

 Selecting Standup Paddleboard Fins I have been thinking about fin set ups for my flat water boards lately…..maybe that’s because I left the last decent fin I had sitting on the tailgate of my truck when I drove away at the end of a session recently.  The result is that I lost the fin and have been using a…

Down Winder

Down WinderI paddled my first down winder the other day and what an eye opener that was!  I did ok for a first attempt but using my flatwater board for a down wind run was WORK!  Not that a proper downwind board wouldn’t have been work but with limited nose rocker in my flatwater board I had to be really quick …
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