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“Surfboard Grade” paulownia planks

Surfboard Grade Paulownia Planks What is “surfboard grade” paulownia? Get a FREE sample of this product! Email your sample request and we’ll get it right out!! Surfboard grade paulownia is the currently available grade of clear, dry paulownia wood available from China. This is the grade I use for all of the …
Paulownia plantation

Building a Lightweight Board

Building a Lightweight Board Building a lightweight hollow wood board of any style can be a challenge but, in the end, not that hard if you choose the “right” materials. The very best wood for building hollow wood boards is a species of wood called paulownia tomentosa. Pauownia t. has the perfect blend of weig…
paddleboard construction tool closeup

Tool Requirements for Strip Planking

Tool Requirements for Strip Planking Tool requirements for strip planking a paddleboard are simple; a basic set of hand tools and a few basic power tools are all that is required. The enhancement of our woodshops with a more diverse set of tools is something most woodworkers strive for, but strip planking is s…
building a strip planked paddleboard

Board Construction

Semi-monocoqueHollow Wood Paddleboard Construction Techniques Hollow wood paddleboard construction techniques are common to many different hull shapes. The build method for all the boards I design is strip planking. Strip planking, for those not familiar with the process, is the application of strips of wood t…

Sustainability in SUP and surfboard production

Sustainable SUP and Surfboard Production Building a hollow wood SUP can be a great way to build a board with a low carbon footprint. Tom Blake started building hollow wood paddleboards in California the 1930’s and they were the standard surf rescue craft for several decades. The good news is that hollow wood S…

Wood SUP Paddle Making

Wood SUP Paddle Making Making your own wood SUP paddle starts with using the right materials and getting your paddle shaft made. The paddle shaft needs to be straight and true after it comes out of the clamps. Here’s a clip on how I make sure the process gets started correctly.

Vent/Leash Intallation

How to install your Clearwood vent and leash plug sets. The following post highlights the installation of the vent/leash plugs for venting and tethering hollow wooden SUP’s and surfboards.     The vent plug with brass insert and a leash plug with a stainless steel pin are for use in venting and tetheri…
A view frame the tail of the Cllearwood "Cascade" 14

Hollow Wooden Boards?

Why do we build hollow surf and sup boards? Certainly not because it’s a quick or inexpensive way to get on the water! So, why? Since the first time I experienced sailing our garage-built sailing dingy as a kid, there has been a kind of magic in the process of building “homemade” watercraft, then going out and …

Why build with paulownia wood?

Why build with paulownia wood? Ok, I will admit upfront that I sell paulownia wood.  That being said, the reason I do is that I want to make it available to my customers and also individuals that design and build their own hollow wood SUP’s, surfboards and kayaks.  This wood is mostly unknown to the woodworkin…
Exploder performance shortboard SUP fishbone framework kit

“Tunnel 13” Redwood Pin Lines for Hollow Paddle and Surfboards

“Tunnel 13” redwood pin lines I was telling the story of the redwood pin lines material in the boards I build and my brother-in-law said, “Bro, you need to tell that story!”  So, here goes.  It’s really a story about the part of Oregon I live in and the railroad tunnels that connect Southern Oregon to Northern…
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