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all around SUP designs

New “All Around” SUP designs

“All Around” SUP designs If you have been thinking about building a hollow wood SUP and like “All Around” shapes, our “all around” line up of SUP’s is ready to build! The Buddha “all around” comes in three sizes: 12’ 5” x 34” x 260 liters of volume (up to 280 pounds or 128kg), 11’ 5” x 32” x 226 liters of volu…
Clearwood V14 racing/touring standup paddleboard

“Dropped Deck” VLZ 14’ x 23” Prototype

VLZ 14’ x 23” and 27″ with recessed standing deck The recessed deck VLZ 14’ x 23” is a race board for those paddlers wanting the very fasted shape available in strip planked hollow wood construction. The 27″ wide is also a very fast touring version of this shape. This is a cutting edge design with a highly ref…