VLZ 12′ 6″


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VLV 12′ 6″

The VLZ 12′ 6″ racing SUP (24.5″ wide) is a radical new racing SUP design from Brazilian designer Rodrigo Velasquez that we here at Clearwood Paddleboards are featuring for our customers that want to go really fast on a hollow wood SUP. The VLZ 12′ 6″ has been designed for strip planked construction and is best suited for builders with some strip plank building experience. This is a board that will have dazzling speed and a unique look unlike anything else being produced for strip planked construction. The bottom profile features a soft “V” forward and a strong concave through the tail section. The 24.5″ width will enable paddlers wanting a fast hollow wood SUP to compete with the fastest production designs being raced in the current racing environment. The building process is just part of the fun. The paddling will be the “payoff” after this build is complete and you will have a unique and competitive board to race!

The Building Process

The VLZ 12′ 6″ racing SUP building process is similar to most other strip planked paddle boards but the design has multiple twists to some of the strips which makes it a more advanced level project. You certainly don’t need to be a “pro” woodworker to complete this project but you should have some strip plank experience or be willing to “pay some dues” in terms of working out solutions to the inevitable twists and kinks in building process.  

Paddler Weight

The VLZ 12′ 6″ racing SUP is a design not well suited for casual touring by inexperienced paddlers, although experienced paddlers will find this design fun to paddle in a wide range of conditions. The rocker profile has been optimized for flat water paddling. The paddler weight range for this board will have much to do with paddler experience. The more experienced the paddler the heavier the paddler can be to comfortably paddle this board.


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