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“Umpqua” 12′-6″ Touring SUP fishbone framework kit



12′-6″ long x 27″ wide by 6 ½” thick at the nose

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“Umpqua” 12′-6″ Touriong SUP fishbone framework

Building our “Umpqua” standup paddle board using paulownia wood and salvaged redwood for features, this board can be built to an approximate finished weight of between 26 and 30 pounds making it comparable to foam and glass boards in terms of ease of carrying and handling. This is a fun and fast board that slices through small chop with ease and can be down winded in up to waist high bumps.  The “Umpqua” is now available in 25″, 27”,  30”, 33″ and 34″  wide versions.  Please contact us if you need more information about which board would be best for your paddling weight.

The “Umpqua” is a board that we designed to be a fast paddling board for either touring or recreational racing.  We have paddled this board in all sorts of conditions and have found it to be a fast, fun performer.  Although this board is not a dedicated downwind board, for those paddlers with some experience in surf the “Umpqua” is fun in downwind conditions.  We have paddled the “Umpqua” on the ocean, on our local lakes and in downwind conditions at the Columbia River Gorge and have found the board to be a versatile platform for fun!

Are you interested in a Full Kit?

There are two ways to purchase the component parts to get started building your own Clearwood paddle or surfboard. You can buy the “fishbone” framekit from Clearwood Paddleboard and then buy the rest of the products you need in your local area or we can provide you with “full kit” pricing on request. For international customer we can only ship the framekit so full kits are not available due to shipping and customs restrictions.

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