Wood Paddle Kit


This is a do-it-yourself wood SUP paddle building kit designed for those makers that want high quality wood parts in a ready to glue up form. You will be able to create a paddle that will weigh in range of two pounds and can be customized to the length of your choice.



Wood Paddle Building Kit SUP’s If you have ever wanted to make your own wood SUP paddle, you can now do it with our pre-cut wood parts. You will receive the same woods in your kit that we use to create our beautiful finished wood paddles. ┬áThe woods we use are plantation grown or salvaged and we’ve found this combination of wood to be ideal for laminated wood paddle shafts and blades. You will receive seven pieces of wood strips for the shaft, and all of the pieces you need for the blade and grip. The parts are ready to glue up when you receive them so you can shape your own beautiful wood SUP paddle. We use a combination of plantation grown paulownia wood, salvaged vertical grain redwood and douglas fir for a paddle with great a great flex pattern and a beautiful finished look. Featured price includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA. This product is only available in the continental USA.