“South Beach” 9′-0″ Surf SUP fishbone framework kit


9'-0″ long x 28″ wide x 4 1/8″ thick

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The “South Beach” is pure sup surfing fun!  The responsiveness of the “South Beach” will not disappoint.  For riders wanting a great balance between performance and stability in a 9’ surf sup, this is the perfect combination.  The “South Beach” has enough volume for bigger riders but is responsive enough for lighter weight riders as well.  We have been riding the prototype “South Beach” for a couple of seasons and find that for our more relaxed style of riding it is the perfect board.  If you mostly ride big, hollow barrels this may not be the board for you.  But if your objective is to ride a fun board in fun surf then the “South Beach” will be your perfect choice.

We have set this board up with a thruster fin set up and it needs a very specific fin profile.  We have found what we think is the ideal fin set up for the “South Beach” after many trial and error surf sessions.  We love the adjustability of the PROBOX fin system and Hanelei Fins made by Robin Mair.  We are excited to share our experience and know you will be just as stoked as we are before the end of your first session!

Are you interested in a Full Kit?

There are two ways to purchase the component parts to get started building your own Clearwood paddle or surfboard. You can buy the “fishbone” framekit from Clearwood Paddleboard and then buy the rest of the products you need in your local area or we can provide you with “full kit” pricing on request. For international customer we can only ship the framekit so full kits are not available due to shipping and customs restrictions.

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