“Salmon Creek” 7’-8’ Mini “Mal”


7’-8” long x 21 5/8” x 2 7/8” thick

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The “Salmon Creek” mini mal really goes back to the roots of our surfing history.  We started riding longboards at Salmon Creek in Sonoma County back in the early 1960’s and the “Salmon Creek” mini longboard is a shorter, lighter and more progressive shape compared to the “logs” we rode back at the start of our surfing lives.  The “Salmon Creek” can be built as a single fin, flat bottomed, “V” tailed board that is fun and loose or you can experiment with concaves and multi fins.  As in all of our fishbone framing kits, the “Salmon Creek” includes our innovative rocker tab system which allows the builder to build the board on a flat table without the need for a rocker table. The “Salmon Creek” can be set up as a traditional single fin surfboard or can also be set up with a thruster fin arrangement.

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There are two ways to purchase the component parts to get started building your own Clearwood paddle or surfboard. You can buy the “fishbone” framekit from Clearwood Paddleboard and then buy the rest of the products you need in your local area or we can provide you with “full kit” pricing on request. For international customer we can only ship the framekit so full kits are not available due to shipping and customs restrictions.

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