“Downwind” 14′


This board is 14′ long x 30″ wide 4 1/8″ thick and is designed for downwind runs.

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Downwind 14

The Downwind 14 is perfect for the windy and bumpy runs we all love! It is designed specifically to surf downwind runs in most any downwind conditions…at 30″ wide it will accommodate paddlers up to 200 pounds and is responsive even for lighter weight paddlers. We designed the Downwind 14 to be a fun way to go downwind on a SUP/paddleboard. The finished weight of the board will vary depending on the materials used and building techniques employed. The prototypes I build using all paulownia wood construction (including the internal framework!) weigh approximately the same or less than many production foam and fiberglass boards of the same size so there isn’t a weight “penalty” for most recreational paddlers.

We have also used the board for casual touring as well. If you typically paddle upwind on a regular basis, then this is not the best choice. If you have questions about whether this board is right for you, please feel free to contact us anytime.

All SUP/paddleboards need some some of non slip traction product. We’ve used everything from foam deck pads to spray on acrylics and find the best product often depends on the paddler. But in general, for boards used in the surf or on downwind runs, foam is the safest and most comfortable product. Unfortunately, foam is opaque so the beautiful wood is covered

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There are two ways to purchase the component parts to get started building your own Clearwood paddle or surfboard. You can buy the “fishbone” framekit from Clearwood Paddleboard and then buy the rest of the products you need in your local area or we can provide you with “full kit” pricing on request. For international customer we can only ship the framekit so full kits are not available due to shipping and customs restrictions.

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